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Commonly Asked Questions About Baby Photography

Your child is only little once, and that baby year in particular will go by in the blink of an eye. I feel truly honored to be able to help parents capture baby portraits that only become more precious as time passes and their kids grow up. To make it easier for parents in Bucks County and beyond to know what to expect from their baby photography, I’m dedicating this blog to answering the top questions I hear about baby portraits.

Is Baby Photography Safe?

It’s no surprise that safety is the top priority for parents. Here’s the deal: baby photography should not put your baby at risk at any time, but photographers need specific baby safety training to make sure this is the case, especially for newborn photography. Not every photographer has this training, so it’s important to ask. It’s also helpful to make sure your photographer has experience taking pictures of babies your child’s age.

How Often Should I Have Professional Baby Photography?

There’s no set schedule for baby photography - you can have photos taken as frequently or infrequently as you like. A popular choice is to have newborn photos taken along with photos at certain key babyhood milestones, like a sitter session (when your baby can sit up securely on their own) and a first birthday session. Ultimately, though, it’s all a matter of personal preference and I will always respect a parent’s choice.

How Long Do Baby Photography Sessions Last?

Baby photography sessions work very differently depending on the baby’s age and developmental stage. For example, newborn sessions are long because we want the baby to be sleeping soundly for as many of the pictures as possible, so we want time to soothe the baby to sleep as needed. Portrait sessions for older babies, on the other hand, are shorter because we want your baby to be alert and smiley, and for many babies, that only happens for short periods of time.

Your session length may depend on the type of photo session you book too - for instance, I offer traditional Classic Newborn Sessions as well as more concise Petite Newborn Sessions. Don’t worry, we’ll chat about your session options and the timeframe you should plan for when you book your session.

How Much Do Baby Photos Cost?

There’s not a clear-cut answer to the question of how much baby photography costs. It varies considerably based on the type of session you book, what your package includes, any extra products or prints you want to order, and so on. Check out my baby photography packages to see my options and prices for each package.

Preserving Precious Moments with Baby Photography

I’ve spoken with so many moms whose kids are older and who deeply regret skipping professional baby photography when their kids were infants. Yes, it may seem like a significant investment of your time and money, but these days won’t come back around so now is the time to get the lifelong heirlooms of professional baby portraits. To learn more or book your session, contact my Bucks County photography studio.


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