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Do Newborn Photographers Provide Props? Everything Parents Need to Know

If you have a new baby on the way, especially if this is your first child (welcome to the parenthood club!), you might be looking ahead to your first newborn photo shoot. As exciting as this is, it’s natural to be unsure what to expect and what you need to bring to your photo session. As a newborn photographer, one of the top questions I hear is whether I provide props or whether parents need to bring props. Here are all the details you need to know!

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Do Newborn Photographers Provide Props?

Every photographer runs their studio and their photo sessions differently, but in general, yes! Newborn photographers do provide the props for baby portraits.

There are several reasons for this. First, some props are specifically designed for newborn photography or newborns’ safety in these photo sessions. Second, supplying the props allows me to curate and design backgrounds and sets that are beautifully coordinated. If I were to ask parents to bring their props, I could be working with props in a wide variety of colors and styles that might not photograph well or look good with other parts of the set.

Finally, when I supply the props, it’s just one more thing my clients don’t have to worry about. Newborn photography should be a fun and meaningful experience in your journey with your new little one, not a stressful experience.

What Else Do Newborn Photographers Provide for Baby Photos?

As with props, this will vary from one photographer to the next, so always ask your newborn photographer what they provide and what you should bring.

At my Doylestown, PA photography studio, I supply it all! My studio is well-stocked with wraps in a variety of colors and fabrics, adorable baby accessories, and everything else I need to style and create newborn portraits you’ll treasure forever. All you need to bring is your baby, of course, and any essentials you need to care for your baby during the session, like bottles or breastfeeding items, diapers, and so on.

Can You Bring Your Own Newborn Photography Props?

While each photographer has their own policies about what parents can bring, the answer at my studio is yes, you can absolutely bring items to incorporate into your newborn portraits. Some families like to bring their cultural or family heirlooms like their wedding dress or veil. I do ask, though, that if you plan to do this, you discuss it with me during our consultation and planning phase. This will give me time to plan it into the session and design a beautiful way to incorporate your special item.

Planning Your Dream Newborn Photo Session

Your newborn photo session is an exciting milestone that I hope you’re looking forward to. I’d be honored to help you celebrate your new baby and create custom artwork you’ll cherish. To book your session or learn more, contact my Bucks County, PA photo studio.


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