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Including Siblings in Newborn Photography: What You Need to Know

Newborn photography is all about freezing a moment in time and telling the story of your precious new child making their entrance into the world and into your family. Some families want this photo shoot to tell that story by including not only their new baby but the baby’s older siblings too.

This is a wonderful option for families with older kids. How exactly does it work, though, and is it the right choice for your family? From my perspective as a Bucks County newborn photographer, here’s what you need to know about sibling portraits in newborn photos.

Sibling Portraits Hold a Special Place in Your Heart

Every newborn photo shoot I do is a special, beautiful experience that I’m honored to create. There’s something particularly meaningful about newborn portraits with siblings, though. Those photos are witnessing the earliest days of what will become a lifelong bond and hopefully an unbreakable friendship. The look of genuine love on siblings’ faces as they cuddle their baby brother or sister is unlike anything else, and if this is your last baby, you’ll always treasure these portraits of when your family became complete.

You’ll Want to Have Someone Ready to Care for Your Baby’s Siblings

A full newborn session lasts for several hours, and as every parent knows, young kids don’t have that type of attention span. They want to be out having fun and being kids! That’s why I always do any sibling portraits first. Your older kids will be done within an hour,, and you can have a sitter, grandparent, or someone else pick them up at this time so they can go about their day while we focus on portraits of your brand-new baby.

Neutrals are Beautiful in Sibling Newborn Portraits

When you’re planning your kids’ outfits for their sibling portraits with your new baby, the name of the game is neutrals. When siblings are dressed in simple neutrals like white and tan, it gives your portraits a charming, timeless look. For example, a white shirt and khaki pants make a perfect outfit for a big brother, and big sisters look lovely in white dresses.

Sibling Portraits Require Planning Ahead

When siblings are in the studio, they change the dynamic of a newborn photo session. Every photographer does things differently, but it’s important to explicitly plan for sibling portraits with your photographer rather than deciding at the last minute and hoping to squeeze in some sibling portraits.

In my case, I offer two types of newborn photography sessions. My petite session is only for portraits of your new baby and it lasts about 90 minutes. My classic newborn photo session takes around three hours, and it’s in this session that I can incorporate portraits of your baby with their siblings and with you.

Booking Your Newborn Photos for the Whole Family

Welcoming a new baby is an amazing moment and your family deserves portraits you can treasure for a lifetime. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography and let’s make it happen!


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