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What Is Milestone Photography?

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

There are certain types of photo sessions that are widely known, like newborn photography, maternity photography, and family photography. But milestone photography isn’t as commonly known, and as a result, too many parents miss out on these beautiful portraits and the memories they can create.

To help more families give themselves this beautiful gift that they will treasure for generations, I’m giving you an overview of milestone photography, what it is, and when it might be perfect for your family.

What Is Milestone Photography?

Milestone photography is a type of photo session that is meant to celebrate and highlight a specific milestone in your child’s life. These are often age-related, such as a milestone photo session for your child’s birthday every year. The category of milestone photography is broad, though, so there’s truly no right or wrong time for milestone portraits.

Why Do Families Love Milestone Photography?

You might be thinking, “A photo session sounds like so much extra work to add to my plate right now, is it really worth it?” In reality, if you hire the right photographer, a milestone photo session isn’t as much work and stress as you think. I meet with my clients either in my portrait studio or in a fun local park and make every session as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. After all, we want your child to be smiley and happy in their photos, so we might as well have fun with it!

The beauty of milestone photography is that the more routinely you do it, the better it becomes. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy life of raising a family that you one day realize that you have very few pictures from the last few years of your child’s life. Milestone photography tells the story of your child growing up and the special occasions along the way, giving you an album full of lovely, professional portraits so you can relive the journey over again. Oh, and it’s wonderful to always have a recent portrait for wall decor, gifts, and more too.

When Should You Book a Milestone Photography Session?

The beauty of milestone photography is that it doesn’t have to follow a specific schedule - you can book a milestone photo session for any occasion in your child’s life! Many families, for example, schedule a milestone photo session for their baby’s “sitter session” (when the baby can sit up on their own but isn’t yet walking or doing a lot of crawling) as well as their baby’s first birthday and for their birthday each year afterward. I also have clients who schedule milestone photos for religious milestones like first communions and bar/bat mitzvahs.

Interested in preserving a piece of this stage in your child’s life as a part of their story that you can look back on? I’m here to help! Book your milestone photography session with my Bucks County photo studio and let’s talk about how I can make your child’s next occasion even more special.


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