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4 Tips for Your Summer Family Photography Session

In need of some new family portraits? Summer is a fabulous time for it. After all, the Bucks County landscape is absolutely stunning in the summer. If you want that summer family photography session to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible (and who doesn’t?), follow these top tips from me, your Bucks County family photographer.

  • Book Early

You might think that summertime makes it easier to schedule a family photo session because kids aren’t in school, but there are plenty of other scheduling challenges to work with: summer sports and activities, summer vacations, weddings, and more. As with any photography session, don’t wait until the last minute. Aim to book your summer photo session a couple of months in advance so you can land a date that works well for your family.

  • Bring Layers

You never can tell what the weather will do, and in some cases, it might be breezier at a photo location than it is at your home, so it’s important to be prepared. Bring layers for yourself and the family, like a light jacket or a summery shawl. Keeping the kiddos comfortable can keep them smiling and happy throughout the photo session.

  • Aim for Outfits That Don’t Show Dirt Easily

The best outdoor family photography doesn’t just capture how your family looks, it captures a sense of your personalities and how you interact together too. I want you to have a great time enjoying the outdoors with your children and leave the photography to me. Of course, that means that sometimes kids get messy. Try to choose outfits for them that don’t show dirt very easily. It’s also a good idea to have backup outfits just in case, and to bring supplies for wiping off quick dirty spots when possible like a stain remover pen and a hand towel.

  • Choose Outfits That Don’t Show Sweat

Speaking of choosing strategic outfits, let’s talk about sweat. During a summer photo session, it will be warm and you’ll be moving around a bit with your kids, so yes, it’s perfectly common to have a bit of sweat in your underarms. To avoid feeling self-conscious, I recommend that you choose an outfit that doesn’t easily show sweat - we all know the items in our closet that do and do not hide sweat well.

Creating Beautiful Family Memories this Summer

A family photo session should be an opportunity to create memories with your kids that will last a lifetime and to have a special memento of this stage in all of your lives, because before you know it, those little ones aren’t so little anymore. I would be honored to make that happen for your family this summer. Contact my Bucks County PA family photography studio to schedule your session this summer.

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