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Feeling Insecure Before Your Maternity Photos? Read This!

A maternity photo session should be a time when you celebrate your pregnancy journey and the one-of-a-kind beauty that comes from this stage of motherhood. I love maternity photography because I see just how gorgeous you are and I love helping moms-to-be feel like the goddesses they are. I believe in body positivity and bringing that into every photo session I perform.

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But we all know that it’s common to feel insecure when you’re pregnant. Your body is changing so much so quickly, and unfortunately, our society doesn’t always appreciate the beauty of pregnancy. You deserve to feel fabulous for your maternity photo shoot, so I have a few tips and tricks to help you rediscover and embrace your confidence.

Tips to Boost Your Confidence Before Maternity Photos

  • Think of what your future self will see. When you look back on these portraits, you won’t be critiquing every curve. You’ll be looking back on this exciting time in your life and thinking about what amazing work your body was doing to create the beautiful child you love so much. You’ll see the joy and anticipation, and the glow of a mom-to-be, so try to see yourself through those eyes.

  • Use a mantra or affirmation. Figure out a phrase that makes you feel like you’re gorgeous and can take on the world! It could be as simple as, “I am gorgeous and feminine,” or something like, “My body is doing amazing things and it deserves to be celebrated.” If you’re having trouble, there are plenty of body-positive affirmations online you can try. Find a phrase that puts a smile on your face every time and speak it whenever you need a confidence boost.

  • Practice focusing on your highlights (Nope, I’m not talking about highlights in your hair). Look in the mirror and pick out three things that you’re loving about your look right now. So many of us are tuned to bring our attention immediately to areas we don’t like, but with a little practice, we can change that - even just doing this in the days before your maternity session will help you focus more on embracing your beauty.

  • Have your partner talk you up. I promise you that your spouse or partner sees how stunning you are! They may not realize that you don’t see yourself the same way. Let them know that you’re feeling some insecurity and ask them to pay you more compliments in the days before your photo shoot to help you see yourself through their eyes.

Feeling Great? Let’s Get Started!

If you want an always positive, confidence-boosting, and empowering maternity photo session, I’ve got you! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your Bucks County maternity photos and let’s start planning.

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