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Foster Your Child’s Interest in Photography! Announcing My 2024 Photography Summer Camp

Photography is a hobby and a passion that knows no bounds. It’s something you can enjoy at nearly any age, from childhood through retirement. And of course, it’s always handy to have a great photographer in the family to capture special moments in the most beautiful way. If you have a child who’s interested in photography, the Samantha Wilson Photography Summer Camp could be the perfect opportunity for them to expand their skills and have a great time this summer!

Foster Your Child’s Interest in Photography! Announcing My 2024 Photography Summer Camp

At my photography studio in Doylestown, PA, I’ll be hosting an exciting summer camp July 29th-August 2nd, 2024 from 9 am to 3 pm. This camp is for kids and teens ages 11-15 who enjoy photography or want an opportunity to try it out as a fun new hobby. While we’ll spend part of the time at the studio, we’ll also explore the neighborhood too to give your child a chance to take photos in a variety of different locations and lighting scenarios.

What to Expect at Samantha Wilson Photography’s Photography Summer Camp

This summer camp is a perfect opportunity for your child to learn this craft from a professional photographer and to explore their love of photography in a hands-on way. Throughout the week, your child will:

  • Develop new photography skills including technical camera skills and lighting

  • Learn a bit about art history and about present-day art around them

  • Get inspired by past and present photographers and learn more about their work

  • Discover how to shoot for different purposes and adjust their photography technique

  • Get hands-on experience and practice under the guidance of a professional photographer

Your child will need to bring their own camera for camp - I recommend a very basic SLR camera that isn’t too expensive but still allows them to get experience with some advanced concepts and techniques.

But don’t worry, all the photos your child will be taking throughout the week won’t just be practice shots! At the end of the week, they will have created a beautiful gallery of portraits to show to their family and friends (or even to display in your home if you choose). I’ll host a gallery show on Friday at the end of the camp where their wonderful work will be on display in my studio for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to invite friends and family members to see your child’s photos!

How to Sign Up

If you have a budding photographer in the house, this summer camp could be the perfect opportunity for them to develop their skills and their eye for a great photo. To learn more or to register your child, email me, Samantha Wilson, at


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