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How to Choose Your Child’s Wardrobe for Milestone Photography

Someday, your child’s milestone portraits will be a beautiful reminder of this special and unique chapter of your child’s life. To make it as easy as possible for every family to get these beloved heirlooms, I take care of nearly all of the planning and details for you. One of the few projects that’s still on your plate is to decide what your child will wear for their milestone photo shoot. But I can help with that too! Check out these wardrobe planning tips.

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First Things First: Does Your Child Need a Wardrobe?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of choosing outfits for your child’s photo session, do you even need to bring your child’s photo shoot outfits? It depends! I have an extensive client closet of outfits in a wide range of styles and looks for boys and girls, with sizes that fit most kids up to 2 years old. So if your child is under 2, I may have all the outfits we need - we’ll discuss specifics while we’re planning your photo session together. If your child is over 2, though, expect to bring outfits for them.

Consider the Overall Aesthetic For The Milestone Photography Session

As you’re deciding what your child should wear, think about the look you’re aiming for in your portraits. Depending on the styles you like, the location where we’ll be taking your portraits, the season, and so on, you might look for something vintage, something bright and colorful, something delicate and whimsical, etc.

Think About the Display

It’s wonderful to have special portraits of your child, but the real treat is displaying them somewhere where they’ll make you smile daily. Where and how you choose to display your milestone photos will affect your wardrobe choices. Think about what colors and looks in the portrait will complement the decor in the room where you plan to display it.

Balance Comfort and Style

As much as you want your child to look stellar for their photo shoot, you can’t sacrifice comfort for style. If your child is uncomfortable, they’re likely to get grumpy and we won’t be able to capture their normally playful bright smile as well. They might also tug at their clothes throughout the session if they’re uncomfortable, which can make them look less natural and more awkward in their portraits. Make sure you have your child try on their outfit before the photo shoot so you know that it’s comfortable for them and fits properly.

Trust Your Photographer’s Expertise

When I’m planning a client’s photo session, the process is a team effort. I’m here to support you every step of the way, and that includes wardrobe planning. I’ll be happy to offer suggestions, give you feedback on outfits you’re considering, talk through what does and doesn’t look good on camera, and more. Remember, you’ve hired a professional, so don’t pass up the expertise you have available to you!

Ready to get started? Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your Doylestown, PA milestone photography.


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