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Is Family Photography Worth It?

Let’s be honest - I’m a parent too, and I know that the idea of family photography sounds exhausting. Trying to wrap your mind around planning the session, figuring out everyone’s outfits, getting the kids ready and to the session on time, and keeping the kids cooperative throughout the session…it sounds overwhelming! But I’m fortunate enough to have been on both sides of the camera, as a photographer and as a parent, and I can tell you from experience that it’s truly worth it. Here’s why!

family photoshoot Lancaster PA

Preserving This Chapter of Your Family’s Story

Not to be overly sappy, but as the years go by, all the little details you remember about your little ones will only become more significant. Some of their features and habits might be a brief phrase, so when you see them in photos, you’ll think, “Remember when Daughter had that giant goofy smile?” Others will evolve as they get older, so you’ll look back on your photos and think, “This is when Older Son and Younger Son started to have such a close bond.” Either way, capturing this chapter of your family’s story is a gift you’ll enjoy for decades.

Making Your House Feel More Like Home for Everyone

We want our house to truly feel like our home and to have items and memories that make us smile, and what better way to do that than with family portraits? Every time you walk into a room, you’ll see the faces of your favorite people smiling back at you, and your kids will also enjoy the pride of feeling valued when they see you hanging their photos throughout the house.

Creating Beautiful Custom Decor

We all want a beautifully designed home, but it’s even better when that decor is truly customized to your family, and family portraits do exactly that. As we plan your family photo session together, we can even plan the color scheme to align with your home’s decor, and you can use your photos to create one-of-a-kind artwork that makes your home shine.

Getting Beautiful Portraits with Less Hassle Than You Think

The question of whether family photos are worth it is a two-part question: how valuable are family photos and how difficult are they to receive? We’ve already talked about why your family portraits are meaningful and valuable, but this may surprise you: family photography doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. As a Bucks County, PA family photographer, I’m here to help! I’ll gladly help you plan your session and your family’s wardrobe while also making your photo session laid-back and, yes, even enjoyable!

Booking Your Family Photo Session

Every family has their own needs and priorities, but from one parent to another, I believe that with the right photographer, family portraits are easily worth the effort they involve. If you’re ready to book your photo session, contact Samantha Wilson Photography, and let’s chat.


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