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Is Milestone Photography Worth It?

Every parent has heard the cliches about how kids grow up in the blink of an eye, but as overused as the saying might be, it’s so true! One way that many parents preserve little bits of their children’s all-too-fast childhoods is through milestone photography: professional photography sessions that celebrate milestones in their kids’ lives like a sitter session, first birthday photos, or annual portraits.

Is milestone photography worth it? That’s a question every family has to answer for themselves, but keep these benefits in mind.

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Watching Your Baby Grow Over and Over Again

Your little one’s childhood is such a special time for both you and them, but as the years go by, you’ll find yourself wishing you could revisit some of those earlier days. Milestone photography allows you to have portraits from each age or key milestone in your child’s life, creating a storybook that lets you relive your little one’s childhood whenever you choose. You can turn this special series of portraits into a gallery wall in your home or a premium photo album your entire family will treasure.

Keeping Quality, Up-to-Date Portraits Handy

Milestone portraits aren’t just sentimental; they’re practical too. There may be plenty of times you want or need a great picture of your child on short notice. Maybe you want to use it to give gifts to loved ones or make your family’s holiday cards. Or, your child might need to submit a photo for an award they’re receiving or for an extracurricular activity. With milestone photography, you can always have a quality photo ready to go.

Capturing the Little Quirks and Phases of Every Age

Kids change so much throughout their young lives, constantly adopting little habits, quirks, and interests that can shift from year to year. Each of these phases will be only a memory before you know it. Milestone photography throughout your little one’s childhood will capture many of these fun phases and changes so you can look back on them with a smile.

A Bonding Experience with Your Child

Chances are that most of your pictures of your child were taken by you with your phone during day-to-day activities and family outings. While these snapshots are great for remembering specific adventures with your kids, milestone photography is a different world. A photo session allows you to take time from your busy daily schedule and share this special experience with your child. There’s no need to stress about trying to get the perfect photo because your photographer is taking care of it.

How to Book Your Doylestown Milestone Photography

If you’re in the Bucks County and Doylestown, PA area, I’d love to capture the special chapters of your family’s life with custom milestone photography. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography and let’s chat!


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