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Professional Milestone Photos vs. Candid Childhood Photos

Your child only has one childhood, and as a parent, you want to savor and remember as much of this time as possible. It’s natural to be snapping pictures with your phone whenever you can: family outings, sports games, goofing around at home. But are these fun snapshots all you need?

The real magic appears when you have a collection of both professional milestone photos and those informal photos you snap of your kids day to day. Each one has its own place in telling your family’s story, and when they combine, they create a beautiful opportunity to relive your favorite memories as the years go by.

Benefits of Professional Milestone Photos

Professional photos are beautiful gifts for your family, and they serve purposes that home snapshots just cannot. Professional milestone photos give you a chance to have outstanding pictures with professional sets, props, styling, lighting, and so on. That’s a professional level of quality you won’t get from taking quick pictures on your phone.

Second, you’ll get the ability to display your photos. Professional portraits come in high-resolution files so you can have them printed at nearly any size without blurring or pixeling.

Finally, professional milestone photos celebrate special occasions in your kids’ lives. You might have milestone photos taken when your child reaches a certain age, when they start school, when they hit certain religious or cultural milestones, and so on. These occasions are often so busy that it’s hard to get the photos you want, so with a professional milestone session, you don’t have to worry about missing out on preserving these meaningful moments.

Benefits Candid Home Photos

As fantastic as milestone photos are, they shouldn’t be the only pictures in your collection. There’s still plenty of room for fun and spontaneous home photos.

While milestone photos capture the beauty of special occasions, home photos capture the beauty and joy in everyday life. From snow days to family hikes to impromptu game nights, some of your favorite memories may come from simply enjoying time with your kids from day to day, and these memories hold a special place in telling your family’s story.

The Best of Both Worlds: Making Room for Snapshots at Professional Milestone Photos

In the end, there isn’t an answer to whether professional milestone photos or DIY snapshots are best because both of these have their place in your heart and your home. As a photographer, it’s my pleasure to play a part in honoring families’ memories and giving families the lovely portraits they can’t get from taking quick pictures on their phones. To learn more and complete the effect, contact my Bucks County photo studio today.

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