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The Best Places for Outdoor Photos in the Bucks County, PA Area

Spring is in full swing and that means that it’s the perfect time to start thinking about outdoor photography! Whether you’re planning a family photo session or something more specialized like maternity photos or a milestone photo session for your child, the right setting can lay the foundation for beautiful portraits and an enjoyable experience along the way.

The question is where to find the best location for your photo session. As a photographer, I consult with each client about the look they want in their portraits. I know about all the top photo spots in Bucks County, PA, and the local area, so I can always find the right fit for each client. Want a few recommendations? Here are some of my top spots.

Peace Valley Park, Doylestown, PA

Peace Valley Park is a stunning park that surrounds Lake Galena, giving us beautiful lake views in the background. Its natural landscape is full of gorgeous foliage year-round, so it has beauty to offer during any season. But I especially love it for the incredible way sunsets look in this park.

places for photography session Bucks County PA, Doylestown PA photographer

Memorial Grove, North Wales, PA

For a lovely and serene setting, I love heading to Memorial Grove in North Wales. It’s always nice and quiet, and often my clients and I are the only people there. This spot makes for beautiful pictures at many times of the year, but I’m especially in love with it in late August because of its phenomenal landscape of goldenrod and thin-leaf sunflowers which are native to our area.

My clients' home!

Yes, this is an option! Many clients don’t think of it but your home and yard can be a perfect spot for photos. You’ll instantly be more comfortable in front of the camera when you’re at home compared to a park or somewhere unfamiliar to you. Taking portraits at your home also adds an element of anticipated nostalgia to these images, especially if you know you won’t be in this home forever. These photos will hold not only the memories of this experience and chapter of your family’s life but also the memories of this home where so much of your life is taking place.

How to Choose Your Photo Location

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a photo location - lighting, space, foot traffic, background aesthetics, comfort and amenities, and more. Don’t worry, I’ve put in the time to scout out the best spots in the Bucks County area and when we plan your photo shoot, we’ll talk through the best options for your session. To get started, contact Samantha Wilson Photography, and let’s chat!


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