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What Is Branding Photography and How Can It Help You?

When you’re trying to grow your career or your business, making a name for yourself is everything! You don’t just want people to hear about you, you want them to know who you are and what makes you or your business the perfect solution to their needs. Branding photography could be the ticket! As a photographer who proudly helps businesses and professionals establish themselves with branding photography, I’m happy to share some insights into what it is and what it could do for your career.

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What Is Branding Photography?

Branding photography is portrait photography that is designed in a way that reflects your business’s brand or your personal brand. If you’re not familiar with the term, think of your brand as your personality as a professional or the way you want to be seen in your field. Some people want to brand themselves as corporate and traditional, or as creative and unconventional. Maybe you want to brand yourself as having a particular specialty within your industry, such as the family law attorney who knows custody better than anyone.

Whatever your brand may be, branding photography captures those ideas and incorporates them visually into your photos. Branding photography typically focuses on portraits, but it can also include other images that contribute to your brand, like photos of you in action or scenes from your business.

Branding Photography vs. Headshot Photography

You’re probably familiar with headshot photography, so what’s the difference between headshots and branding photos? Generally, headshots are more simple and straightforward. They should reflect your personality to some degree and they should feel authentic to who you are, but the core goal is a head-and-shoulders portrait. Branding photography brings your brand into the picture more, with more of a view of the big picture - it’s not just an image of you but of your brand.

Benefits of Branding Photography

For professional people who want to thrive in their careers and for business owners alike, branding photography can be an excellent way to build your professional image. It can bring you benefits such as:

  • Develop a stronger, more pervasive, and compelling brand for your business

  • Establish a brand around your name as a professional, so colleagues in your industry have a sense of your work and your expertise

  • Craft a more put-together professional image that is consistent with your personal brand

  • Have a photo you can use in your LinkedIn profile, website, business card, email signature, and elsewhere that communicates who you are within your field

Book Your Branding Photography Session

Ready to see what branding photography could do for your professional image and your career? I’ve got you! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your branding photo session in the Bucks County area.

doylestown pa branding photographer


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