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What to Bring to an Outdoor Family Photo Session

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Outdoor family photography is a surging trend that has largely replaced posed in-studio family portraits and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. As beautiful as it is to capture snapshots of a fun and authentic family experience, outdoor photography does require a bit of extra planning if you want the best result. As a Bucks County photographer, I want to help all my clients have smoother, more enjoyable photo sessions. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top things to bring to your outdoor family photo session.

  • Touch-Up Essentials

You spend time in front of the mirror in the morning getting your hair and makeup exactly how you want it, but we all know it doesn’t stay that way forever. Make sure you bring anything you might need for touch-ups before and during your session, not only for yourself but for the family. That might include your lipstick and other makeup, combos, sprays or gels, extra bobby pins, etc.

  • Refreshments

We want your kids to be happy and smiley for their pictures, and nothing takes away a child’s smile faster than being hungry or thirsty. Make sure you pack items the whole family will enjoy in case you need them. Ideally, choose things that won’t make a mess, like water, fruit snacks, and plain crackers as opposed to cheesy crackers and juice.

  • Extra Outfits

Kids have an uncanny ability to find dirt anywhere they go, so when we’re taking them to a local park or somewhere else outdoors, we have to expect a bit of dirt. In case they get their clothes messy during the session, bring an extra outfit for them to change into (it’s smart to have an extra outfit for yourself, too, in case they get you messy in the process).

  • Cleaning Wipes

Part of the reason families love outdoor photo sessions is that I encourage you and your kids to play and have fun in the environment. This lets me capture genuine smiles and moments of joy between you. Your kids’ hands will probably get dirty in the process, and wipes can help to keep that dirt off their clothes as much as possible and to make sure they can safely snack with those hands afterward.

  • A Blanket for Sitting

Portraits of families sitting on blankets outside have a special coziness and quaintness that so many of my clients love. I have several blankets I can bring but feel free to bring a blanket that matches or complements the color scheme of your family’s outfits or any favorite picnic blanket you may have.

  • Temperature-Related Comforts

This one seems obvious but it’s often overlooked - bring items you might need to keep your family comfortable in whatever temperature the weather decides to throw at us during your session. That might be layers to put on if you get chilly, a portable fan or ice packs to cool down between shots, and so on.

Planning Your Family Photo Session

If you’re already envisioning beautiful outdoor family portraits, I can make that vision a reality. Contact my Doylestown, PA photo studio to book your session today.


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