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What to Bring to Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Getting ready for a beautiful maternity photo session? I hope you’re excited for this amazing milestone and that you have a wonderful experience! A little preparation and planning can make a big difference in taking your photo shoot from good to great, and as your trusted Bucks County PA maternity photographer, I want to help you make that upgrade. Check out these insider tips for what to bring to your maternity photography session.

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Extra Layers

No matter how perfectly you coordinate your wardrobe selections with the weather, and I know you’re watching the forecast like a hawk, it’s always a good idea to pack one or two layering items. Sometimes a photo shoot location feels chillier than you expect because of a breeze or overcast skies. Plus, having those options allows us to mix your look on the fly if we want to, whether you’re bringing your own outfits or you’re choosing from my client closet of stunning maternity gowns.

Personal Props

This is entirely optional and purely a matter of personal preference, but some moms-to-be have some sentimental props they want to incorporate into their maternity portraits. That might include ultrasound photos or a sentimental baby item like a dress you wore as a baby that you want to drape over your belly for a photo or two. While this is a sensitive topic and it’s a question of your comfort level, some families choose to include items that represent their conception journey, like IVF syringes or an homage to a prior pregnancy loss.

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Cosmetic Touch-Up Items

You deserve to look just as gorgeous in the last photo I take as you do in the first one, so be sure to bring anything you need to give yourself some hair and makeup touch-ups during the session. That could include the makeup items you used as well as hairspray, hair gloss, or extra hair pins. Don’t forget a small mirror for those touch-ups, and blotting papers are a great secret weapon too because they let you dab off sweat or oil without smearing your makeup.

Water and Munchies

Your maternity photo session isn’t an all-day event - my shoots last about an hour. Still, an hour is a long enough time to get thirsty or hungry when your body is doing all that work of creating your baby, especially if it’s warm outside. Pack water and your favorite mess-free snacks. Along those lines, you can also bring any other items you want for comfort like a handheld fan or soft shoes to wear before and after the shoot.

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Your Growing Family (If You Choose)

This is also entirely a question of your preferences for your maternity photos (and you get the final say, Mama!), but some moms-to-be want to include their spouse or partner and any children they already have in a few portraits to signify this chapter of your family’s story. This may depend on your kids’ ages and the effect they will have on the experience. Do you think you’ll be stressed and feel like you need to watch little ones during your session, or do you think they’ll make a great cheering section to pump you up?

Book Your Doylestown PA Maternity Photography

All these tips can help you make your maternity photo shoot a spectacular experience, so let’s join forces to make it happen! Book your maternity photos today.

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