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What to Wear for Spring Maternity Photos

As a motherhood photographer, I find maternity photo shoots in any season to be a beautiful way to celebrate and honor the experience of pregnancy and bring a new life into your family. But during the spring, the season of new life, nature contributes a little extra symbolism to your portraits. If you’re planning your maternity photo shoot this spring, here’s your ultimate what-to-wear guide!

Lansdale maternity photographer

Opt for Seasonal Colors

We all know that there are certain colors that look best on us, but a spring maternity shoot might be the time to leave that little black dress at home. Aim for spring-appropriate colors, like light, pastel colors or bright spring colors like a vibrant yellow. White and ivory are always stunning in the spring too. Your color choices may depend on where your photos will be taken and the colors in the location’s landscape, so we’ll talk it through as we plan your dream photo shoot.

Keep it Simple

As a general rule for any photo shoot outfit, you want to avoid busy patterns, logos, and words. But it’s especially important for spring maternity portraits.

Depending on the location and timing of your photo shoot, chances are that you’ll be surrounded by lovely spring flowers in your portraits. While a floral gown might seem perfectly spring-appropriate, the pattern could clash with the flowers in your background or distract from the star of the portraits - you!

Consider the Cut and Fabric Too

Choosing the perfect spring maternity gown for your photo session isn’t just about color. You’ll want to look for gowns that have seasonally appropriate cuts and fabrics too. For spring, aim for light, airy fabrics with a flowy cut.

Accessorize (and Bring Extras!)

You can never have too many accessories to choose from during your maternity photo shoot. Spring gowns can pair perfectly with hair ribbons, earthy jewelry, or maybe even a cowboy hat if that’s your style!

Don’t Overthink Your Shoes

Every mama knows the challenge of keeping her feet comfortable during pregnancy, so here’s good news: you don’t need to suffer through high heels during your maternity photo shoot. Truthfully, your feet most likely won’t show in your portraits thanks to long, flowy gowns, grass, and framing. Don’t overthink it - just opt for something comfy that won’t clash with your outfit, like your favorite flats or sandals if the weather’s warm enough.

What if Your Spring Maternity Photo Shoot is Indoors?

So many moms-to-be choose outdoor photography for their spring photo shoot because Bucks County is so gorgeous during the spring, and I don’t blame them! But indoor portraits are always a great option too. If you opt for indoor photos, you have more flexibility for the aesthetics of your portraits and your outfit.

Good News! You Don’t Have to Pick Out Your Maternity Photo Outfits Yourself!

Even with some tips and tricks, deciding on a photo shoot outfit can be daunting…but I’m here to help! With my maternity photo shoots, you’ll have access to my fabulous client closet full of size-inclusive gowns and accessories, and I’ll help you pick out the perfect ones for the look you want. Book your maternity photos today!


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