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Why Take Family Photos in the Spring

Every once in a while, we see the sun peek out and remind us that spring is finally setting in! It’s a season of getting back outdoors, relishing the fresh air, deep cleaning, and…family photos! As your Bucks County family photographer, I love taking beautiful outdoor family portraits at this time of the year, and there are several reasons it’s perfect timing for many families.

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  1. Beautiful Spring Scenery

The beauty of spring and all its rich, colorful vibrance happens to make the perfect backdrop for fantastic family photos. Bucks County is known for its natural beauty, and as a local photographer, I know all the best photoshoot locations based on the type of landscape you want. Those spring settings make for not only attractive but warm and endearing family portraits.

  1. Enjoyable Outdoor Time for the Family

My goal for family photography isn’t just to create pretty pictures of put-on smiles. I want you and your family to genuinely have fun and enjoy the time you’re spending together while I document it. Not only does this produce genuine smiles from the whole family but it makes your photos even more special because you’ll have happy memories tied to them. Spring sets the stage for this beautifully because your kids (and you!) are excited to play outside in the nice weather after a long winter, so spring photo sessions typically make for happy campers and great photos.

  1. Convenience of the Time Change

As much as we might groan at the time change in the spring when it costs us an hour of sleep, it does make the logistics easier for outdoor family photography. The sun now sets in the early- to mid-evening hours, which makes it easier for us to get fantastic portraits in the amazing lighting that happens in the last hour of daylight. The timing works well for most families’ schedules around work and school, dinner, and bedtimes.

  1. Comfortable Weather

As much as families love outdoor photos during any season of the year, it’s less fun when the weather makes you uncomfortable throughout the photo shoot. Fortunately, the weather in spring tends to be very photo-friendly. You don’t have the heat of the summer so you’re not likely to be sweaty, but you don’t need to bundle up either. It’s perfect for light layering which makes for excellent portraits.

Scheduling Your Spring Family Photos

While there’s truly no bad time to take family portraits, spring is an exceptionally wonderful season for outdoor photography. If your family is due for new portraits, I’ll be thrilled to help you make the most of this spring season! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your family photography session in the Doylestown, PA area today.

best family photos doylestown pa


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