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Benefits of In-Studio Newborn Photography

A newborn photography session is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to forever preserve beautiful images of your baby at their tiniest, and you deserve a dream of a photo session for this special moment. Some photographers offer two options for newborn photography: either in their studio or at your home. In my years of working with newborns, I’ve found that an in-studio photo session is the perfect way to have both a wonderful experience and phenomenal portraits. Here’s why.

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No Need to Prep Your Home

Let’s be honest, caring for a newborn is enough of a job, especially when you’re recovering from giving birth. You don’t need the added stress of trying to get your home camera ready. With a studio session, there’s no need - my studio is set up for your comfort so you can just pack a diaper bag and come on in.

Full Aesthetic Control

As beautiful as your home may be, it doesn’t have the customization that a photography studio does. In my studio, I can control just about everything about your portraits - the lighting, the background, and so on. As beautiful as your home surely is, it’s not set up for on-the-spot customizability the way a photo studio is.

Stash of Accessories and Essentials

When you’re exhausted (AKA all parents of newborns), it’s a relief to know that you don’t have to plan or bring outfits for your baby for a newborn photo session. My Doylestown, PA newborn studio is fully stocked with everything we need: wraps, accessories, props, backgrounds, and more. All these options are at our fingertips without any work on your part.

Perfect Conditions for Sleepy Babies

During a newborn photo session, we want your little one to sleep for as much of the session as possible. Having a dedicated newborn photo studio allows me to set up the environment perfectly to lull your baby to sleep. That can be tricky to do at home, especially if you have other children. I’ve set up my studio to be perfectly sleep-inducing for your little one.

Skipping the Set-Up

Newborn photography sessions are longer than most photo sessions to allow for time to soothe your baby back to sleep as needed. If I were to come to your home for your photo session, it would make the session longer because I would need to set up after arriving at your home. Instead, with an in-studio session, I’ll be all setup and ready to go when you arrive.

Booking Your Studio Newborn Photography Session

Ready to take advantage of the benefits of an in-studio newborn photo session? If you’re in the Bucks County area, let’s chat! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your session or learn more.


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