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Common Questions About Newborn Photography

Many of the parents who come to my Doylestown photo studio for newborn photos are experiencing newborn photography for the first time. What an exciting way to celebrate this beautiful new member of your family and create treasured family heirlooms! You have enough unknowns in your life when you’re expecting a new baby, so I’m happy to walk you through exactly what to expect from your photo shoot. Let’s start with these top questions parents ask about newborn photos.

Plymouth Meeting newborn photographer

How Do You Schedule Newborn Photo Sessions Since You Don’t Know When Babies Will Be Born?

This is an excellent question because newborn photo shoots should take place in your baby’s first few weeks of life but they should be scheduled several months in advance. Here’s how it works. You contact me in advance to reserve your session, ideally around 20 weeks into your pregnancy. I’ll put your due date into my calendar to let me approximate when your session will be and reserve space in my schedule. Then, when your baby is born, you’ll notify me and we’ll set a date and time for your photo shoot.

Will My Newborn Photo Session Include Portraits of Our Family?

This is up to you! I offer two types of newborn photography packages. My classic newborn session includes portraits of your little one with the immediate family, including you, your partner, and any siblings your baby has (along with plenty of solo baby portraits). My petite newborn session, on the other hand, includes portraits of your baby only.

Do I Need to Bring Outfits to a Newborn Photo Session?

Good news, busy and stressed new parents - you don’t need to plan a wardrobe for your baby for newborn photos! I typically keep it simple with wraps and accessories rather than full baby outfits so your portraits have a classic look and keep the focus on your little bundle of joy. I have a beautiful client closet with everything we’ll need for your baby. The only exception is if there’s anything specific and sentimental you might want your baby to wear in some portraits, like an outfit you or your partner wore in your own baby photos, a garment made from your wedding dress, etc.

What Do I, the Parent, Do During a Newborn Session?

You’ll love this answer! For most of your baby’s photo session, you’ll just be relaxing comfortably in my cozy studio doing whatever you want - catching up on emails, reading a book, watching your favorite show, etc. I’ll need your help a few times to feed your baby or help soothe them, but most of the time, you’ll be enjoying a well-deserved break while I work my magic.

Book Your Newborn Photography Session

You have a lot on your plate with your little one on the way, but rest assured that with my newborn photography, your baby’s first portraits will be an experience to cherish rather than a task on your to-do list. To learn more or book your session, contact Samantha Wilson Photography.


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