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How to Prepare for a Newborn Photo Session

Newborn portraits are as special as they are because they preserve memories of this very brief time when your child is at their tiniest. But that’s exactly what makes them challenging too: the newborn stage is such a short one that you want your photo session to go well the first time. While there’s much that I can do as a Doylestown newborn photographer to make your session successful, there are a few things you can do to prepare too.

How to Prepare for a Newborn Photo Session

Book Your Photographer Early

One of the challenges with newborn photography is that you never know for certain when your baby will arrive, so you can’t set a specific date until the baby is born. That means we can’t schedule the session until about two weeks in advance. Because newborn photographers need flexible schedules to be able to accommodate this, they typically only accept a certain number of newborn clients each month.

To make sure I have availability in my schedule, I always recommend that my clients book my services several months in advance - ideally during your second trimester of pregnancy. While we won’t set a date at that time, I’ll reserve space for you in my calendar so you don’t have to worry about finding availability at the last minute.

Plan Your Wardrobe

For newborn photography, you don’t have to worry about Baby’s wardrobe - I have all the wraps and accessories we need. But if you choose to have portraits that include you and your spouse/partner with your new baby, you’ll want to think about your wardrobe in advance.

Generally, muted neutrals are perfect for parents in newborn photos. You want pieces that are simple and that allow you to feel confident and comfortable. When you book your session, we’ll talk about the look and color scheme you want and I’ll be able to offer more detailed suggestions based on your plans for the session.

Bring Anything You Need or Want for Feeding

During your newborn photo session, we want your baby to be sleepy and peaceful for as much of the session as possible, and it helps greatly when we can keep their little belly full. I ask parents to be open to feeding their baby as needed during the session, rather than trying to limit feedings to a specific schedule. Be sure to bring anything you want or need for feeding, including a breastfeeding pillow, bottles, cover, and so on.

Be Mindful of Your Baby’s Pre-Session Clothing and Diaper

Nude portraits of newborns have a beautifully natural look. If possible, we don’t want any clothing lines on their skin for these portraits. Before your photo session, make your baby’s diaper slightly looser than you normally would. It’s best if you also put them in loose-fitting clothing that won’t leave seam lines.

Preparing for Your Newborn Photo Session

The benefit of hiring a newborn photographer is that I’ll take care of most of the details so you can relax and enjoy your little one. With just the few preparations above, though, you can help your session go more smoothly. Ready to get started? Contact Samantha Wilson Photography today.

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