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Outdoor vs. In-Studio Maternity Photos: Which Should You Choose?

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Maternity photography is all about celebrating you, Mom-to-be, and this incredible journey that you and your family are on. I want you to have the maternity photo session of your dreams, and one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether your dream is outdoor portraits or in-studio portraits.

Bucks County is full of absolutely stunning parks and landscapes that make gorgeous backdrops for maternity photos, but my Doylestown photography studio is also perfectly designed to create one-of-a-kind maternity portraits. Which one should you choose? Let’s look at the benefits of each.

Outdoor: The Beauty of Nature

There’s something harmonious and fitting about maternity photos taken in nature. We’re celebrating the beauty of the natural process of creating new life and that you’re taking a journey that everything in nature takes in its own way. When you’re surrounded by nature in your maternity portraits, it brings out the beauty of how authentic and special your pregnancy is.

Outdoor: An Unmatched Look

An in-studio portrait session gives me a lot of control, but there simply is no way to recreate the look of outdoor maternity portraits in the studio. Outdoor maternity photos have a look all their own, and if that’s the style you want, an outdoor photo session is the way to go.

Studio: Customizability

My photography studio is my playground - it’s set up to allow me to customize nearly every aspect of your portraits. In the studio, I have control over the colors and backgrounds, lighting, wind, and more, which means I can craft the look you want for your portraits. While I have plenty of tricks and tools I use in outdoor sessions to create flattering lighting and capture a look you love, we’re still at the mercy of the weather to some degree.

Studio: Comfort and Convenience

Along with the ability to customize your portraits, an in-studio session offers more comfort and convenience for you too. I can set the temperature to whatever you’d like so you don’t have to dress for the weather like you would in an outdoor session. The studio also allows us to have fast access to anything we could need - my selection of maternity gowns, specialized equipment, and so on, along with seating where you can relax if you need to take a break.

Choosing Your Maternity Photography Setting

With all those considerations in mind, which one should you choose: outdoor maternity photography or in-studio maternity photography? There’s no right or wrong answer. The look you get from these two photo sessions is very different, so it comes down to personal preference. As a mom-to-be, you deserve to have the maternity photo session of your dreams, and whether that takes place outdoors or in my studio, I would be honored to make it happen. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography and let’s book your session today.


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