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What to Wear for Summer Maternity Photos

Updated: 13 hours ago

Many of us fill our summers with travel, barbecues, and pool days, but if you’re getting ready to welcome a new baby to your family, your summer plans might include a maternity photo session too. As your Bucks County maternity photographer, I make the process simple and fun for my clients, and that includes helping you choose outfits you love for your portraits.

In fact, I have a client closet that’s full of beautiful summer maternity gowns (and gowns for any season, for that matter) that my clients are welcome to use. But if you prefer to buy a dress of your own too, you’re more than welcome to. Either way, these are my top tips for what to wear for summer maternity photos.

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Think Light and Breezy

Flowy gowns are actually wonderful for maternity portraits in any season. They capture the elegance and femininity of pregnancy, and especially for outdoor photo sessions, they move beautifully in the wind. But for a summer session in particular, light and breezy is the way to go. This will help you stay cool and feel fresh throughout your photo shoot.

Choose Colors Based on Your Setting

As far as colors go for summer maternity photos, light colors are usually best for summer. Pastel or muted colors are popular favorites, like blush pink, cream or ivory, and sage green, for example. But when planning your outfit colors, think about where your photo session will take place. You want something that complements yet stands out from the colors in the background. That’s why these light colors are so popular in summer, because they look stunning against the bright and bold colors of grass and flowers in an outdoor photo shoot.

Consider a Textured Fabric

Incorporating texture into your outfit is a great tip for any photo session, and maternity portraits are no exception. There are certain textures and fabrics that look especially gorgeous in maternity photos. Try a gauzy fabric that’s partially see-through, for example. Lace is a great option too.

Don’t Forget to Plan Your Undergarments

This is so easy to overlook, but when you’re planning your photo shoot wardrobe, you want to choose your undergarments wisely too! You want to be comfortable and feel secure, of course, and you also want your undergarments to suit the dress you choose. That might mean wearing a traditional bra or a strapless bra, or you might prefer to go natural and braless or use something like pasties or a stick-on bra. You might also choose to wear shorts under your dress, like cooling shorts, to keep you comfortable and avoid chafing. Just be mindful of where the waistband lies and whether it might create a seam or line you don’t want.

Planning Your Wardrobe for Your Bucks County, PA Maternity Photos

Your maternity photo shoot should be an exciting and memorable experience, and I’m here to make sure that it is! At my Doylestown photo studio, I’ll work with you to plan the photo session of your dreams…complete with an amazing wardrobe, of course. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography and let’s start planning!


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