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Yes, Milestone Photography is for Teens Too!

When parents think of milestone photography, many think about photo sessions for their kids’ younger years. They think about baby portraits for their child’s first birthday or their sitter session, for example, and maybe their second or third birthdays too. But as a photographer who has worked with countless families to create beautiful custom artwork, there’s something that I wish more Bucks County families knew: milestone portraits don’t have to stop when your child is little.

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Milestone photos for teens can be just as beautiful and sentimental as those photos from your baby’s first year. Take these popular choices for teen milestone portraits for example.

  1. Many different religions and cultures have coming-of-age milestones in the teen or preteen years. These are incredible occasions that your child will only experience once, so they’re worth a custom portrait session to memorialize this exciting time. You can book a photo session for your child’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, quinceaňera, Catholic confirmation, or whatever it is that your culture celebrates.

  2. Your child’s high school graduation is an amazing accomplishment your entire family should be proud of, and it’s a perfect occasion to celebrate with custom portraits. Senior photos are popular in many high schools.

  3. Not only do these types of portraits honor the fantastic accomplishment and milestone of your child’s graduation but they’re more personal than this too. Your teen is about to enter the world of adulthood and the coming years will be full of changes as you watch them discover who they are as an adult. Senior portraits are a way for you (and your teenager) to forever have a reminder of who they were at this juncture in their life.

  4. There are plenty of milestones your family might celebrate that don’t align with a graduation or a cultural ceremony. For example, getting a driver’s license is a life-changing experience for many teenagers as a symbol of their new freedom, so this can be a great time for milestone photos. You can even have milestone photo shoots to celebrate each birthday that passes.

Booking Your Milestone Photo Shoot

Ultimately, you don’t need a particular event to book a milestone photo shoot. The purpose of milestone photos is to have a photographic story of your child’s journey through life. There’s no bad time for milestone portraits as your child is growing up, and their teenage years are no exception. If you’re due for a new photo session for your growing child, contact Samantha Wilson Photography, and let’s chat!


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