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Your Motherhood Journey: Why Book Your Maternity and Newborn Photos Together

Updated: 15 hours ago

So many of my photography sessions are celebrations for special chapters in my client’s lives, but few times in your life are as impactful and world-changing as bringing a new baby into your family. Maternity photography and newborn photography are ways to preserve the incredible memories of these days and honor the amazing changes that are taking place. But as a Bucks County photographer, I have a tip that will make your life easier: when you book your maternity photo session, book your newborn session with the same photographer while you’re at it. Here’s why!

A Consistent Artistic Look

Every photographer’s portraits will look different because each photographer has their own artistic style. But many families want their maternity portraits and their newborn portraits to have a similar style because they’re two parts of the same story. This makes it easier for you to display your maternity and newborn photos together if you choose to. I can even use some of the same props if you’d like - for example, you can have a piece of flowy fabric draped over your belly in your maternity photos and then in your newborn photos, we can have your baby wrapped in or resting on the same fabric.

With that said, using the same photographer doesn’t mean your two photo sessions have to have the same look. If you prefer, we can also design a more dramatic and artistic look for your maternity photos with a more delicate look for your newborn photos, for example.

Planning in Advance

The closer you get to your baby’s arrival, the busier life will probably become as you’re preparing for your little one, getting the nursery ready, preparing for maternity leave, and so on. When you book your newborn session while you’re booking your maternity session, it saves you valuable time that you don’t have to spend on planning later. We’ll talk through all the details in advance so that your newborn photos are already organized when your baby arrives. Keep in mind as well that I accept a limited number of newborn photo shoots each month, so when you book earlier, there’s more likely to be a space available in my calendar.

Getting Comfortable with Your Photographer

Naturally, you want to feel comfortable with everyone who will have any contact with your baby. When you book your maternity and newborn photo shoots with the same photographer, you will already have a chance to work with your photographer before the newborn session. You’ll be comfortable with your photographer and be able to relax more during your session, knowing your little one is in great hands. Plus, if you and your partner or spouse will have portraits with your newborn, having this familiarity with your photographer allows you to be more at ease in front of the camera too, which makes for beautiful portraits that highlight your authentic joy and love for your growing family.

Booking Maternity and Newborn Photos in Bucks County PA

If you have a beautiful new baby on the way, let’s make arrangements to preserve these lifelong memories with professional portraits. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your photo sessions or to learn more.


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