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4 Questions to Ask Your Family Photographer

Have a family photo session coming up, or thinking about booking one? Here’s a fun fact: many people don’t fully take advantage of the benefits of hiring a professional photographer. Your photographer isn’t just an expert in posing, framing, and taking portraits. We also have a wealth of information that can help you get better photos and have a more enjoyable photo shoot. Before your next family photo session, ask your photographer these questions.

  • What Should I Bring to a Family Photo Session?

I want your family to be comfortable during your photo session, so there are certain items I recommend that families bring, like snacks, drinks, an extra outfit for each person, wipes, and so on. This could vary based on factors like your kids’ ages, where your photo session will be, the weather or season when your session will take place, and so on, so be sure to ask.

  • How Far in Advance Should I Book My Family Photo Session?

Photographers book up early, so how early do you need to schedule your session to get a date that works for your family? It may depend on when you’re planning your session because some seasons are more popular than others, but I tell my clients to try to book their session at least a couple of months in advance. However, I sometimes have cancellations or last-minute openings, so if you want a session sooner, it’s always worth a quick call or message.

  • What Is Your Process for Clients?

You probably have a general idea of how your photo session will go, but what happens after that? Will your photographer send you an online gallery of proofs to choose your photos or will you meet with them to see the proofs? Will your photographer work with you to order framed prints, albums, or other finished products or will they send you the digital images for you to use as you wish? Every photographer is different, so asking this question helps you know what to expect.

  • Where Will We Take Our Family Photos?

Family portraits are typically taken outdoors. As you plan your family photo session, you’ll discuss the location with your photographer. We have the good fortune of being in gorgeous Bucks County which is known for its beautiful landscapes, so there are plenty of options. As you’re planning your session, talk to your photographer about their location recommendations based on the look you want or the season of your photo session.

Working With Your Family Photographer

Family portraits can be both exciting and stressful, especially if you have young kids who might be shy in front of a camera or if you’re not used to having your picture taken. As a family photographer, I’m glad to help my clients through every step in the process - not just their photo session. If you’re due for fresh family portraits and you want a positive, smooth process, book a photo session with me today.


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