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4 Things Your Maternity Photographer Wants You to Know

As a Bucks County maternity photographer, I know that while I do maternity photo shoots on a regular basis, most of my clients will only experience maternity photography once or twice in their lives. Every aspect of this process is probably new to you, and I’m here to make it as smooth and seamless as possible! To help you know what to expect, these are a few insights I hope to share with every client.

Your Comfort is Important to Me

Every maternity session is as unique as you are - no two sessions are the same. Please don’t be intimidated when you see maternity photos that you wouldn’t be comfortable with, like nude or nearly nude portraits, sensual poses, and so on. Your season will be guided by what you’re comfortable with and I’ll never pressure you to do any photos or poses that concern you. Keep in mind, though, that some maternity photographers do specialize in these styles, so if you see that most of a photographer’s portfolio is more risque than you’d want, that may not be the photographer for you.

Planning Early Makes a Difference

When you’re preparing for a new baby, there’s so much to plan and so much to be done! It will make your life far easier if you book your maternity session early, around the beginning of your second trimester. It’s more likely that my schedule will be open in your timeframe if you book early, and this also gives you more time to plan the looks and color schemes you may want.

Communication is Our Best Tool

When you’re my client, you and I have the same goal: to create amazing maternity photos you’ll love and cherish forever. We’re a team, and the best thing a team can do is to communicate well. I’d love to hear about any vision you have for your maternity portraits, whether you want to include your significant other, whether there are any poses or looks you want to try, and so on. And if you aren’t sure and you just want me to use my artistic eye to design your session, that’s great too! It’s always better to ask than to wish later that we had done something differently.

I’m a Pro - I’ll Take Care of It All!

Some moms-to-be are hesitant about maternity photography because they say, “I’m not good at having my photo taken” or “I don’t know how to pose well and smile the right way.” Good news: you don’t have to worry about any of that! You’ve hired a professional photographer, and I’ll take care of all those details including guiding your poses, designing your session, and more. After all, maternity portraits are all about highlighting the excitement and joy of your pregnancy, and the best way to bring that out in photos is to simply relax, be in the moment, and enjoy the experience.

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Booking Your Doylestown, PA Maternity Photography

Want to get the maternity portraits of your dreams? That journey can start right now! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your maternity session.


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