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Family Photo Outfit Ideas: My Top Tips

Ask any parent and they’ll probably agree that planning their family photo outfits is one of the biggest challenges in taking family portraits. But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be a struggle! I’m here to help every client, and to make your life easier, I’m sharing my top tips and family photo outfit ideas.

Choose Your Color Scheme Strategically

It all starts with a color palette! The goal is to choose 2-3 color colors for your outfits and have every family member wear variations of those colors. For instance, you might choose blue, white, and gray so each person’s outfit has varying shades of those colors like navy blue, light blue, etc. Your outfits should complement each other, but not match perfectly.

Keep these factors in mind while choosing your color scheme:

  • Where you’ll be taking your portraits and the colors that will be in the landscape

  • The season - you want different colors for fall family photo outfits than spring family photo outfits

  • The decor and colors in the room of your home where you want to display your portraits

I also suggest you avoid color combinations that are already associated with something, like red and green or the colors of a sports team. You want your family photos to be timeless.

Go for Simplicity

You and your family are the stars of your family photos, and your clothes don’t get to upstage you. To keep the focus where it should be, avoid complicated patterns in your clothing. Stick to either solids or very simple patterns like stripes or plaid (although no more than one or two family members should be wearing a pattern). Also, avoid clothes with writing or prominent logos on them.

Make It Easier on Yourself

Putting any special day together when you have kids is difficult, so don’t make it harder on yourself! Make your life a little easier by choosing:

  • Clothes that don’t show dirt easily, specifically for kids

  • Pieces that don’t wrinkle easily so you don’t worry about having everything perfectly pressed or about getting wrinkles on the drive to the photoshoot

  • Clothing each person feels fairly comfortable in and won’t be tugging at or adjusting (That includes you! Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident, not self-conscious.)

  • Choose footwear that compliments your thoughtfully chosen outfits; this often gets overlooked for children! If your session is outdoors consider the setting when selecting your shoes

Use Your Photographer’s Expertise

As your Bucks County family photographer, I want you to get the most beautiful family portraits possible and have a great time in the process. I’m not just here to snap pictures! My exclusive client styling guide is a part of every session you reserve with me. I’ll also gladly consult with you about your family photo outfits, help you choose between options, and share my expertise.

Styling Your Family Photo Session

You deserve to have stunning, timeless family portraits and the challenge of choosing family photo outfits shouldn’t get in the way. To book your session and get my hands-on help with styling your session, contact Samantha Wilson Photography today.

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