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For Parents: Baby Photography Tips for a Better Photo Session

Updated: 14 hours ago

Your baby will only be this little once, so of course you want to capture the memories with beautiful baby portraits! A baby photo shoot should be a fun and exciting experience for your family, and having an idea of what to expect can make it less stressful and allow you to enjoy and be present in the experience. To that end, these tips can help you to know what to expect and to plan for a smoother baby photo session.

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  1. Trust Your Photographer’s Expertise

Your photographer isn’t just the person taking your photos. We’re your guide through this entire process, and we’re here to help you at every step of the way! I dedicate time to planning with my clients and offer information about what to bring with you, what to expect, even hands-on wardrobe planning, and so on, but don’t be afraid to ask questions. We do this every day and we know that you don’t, so we’re always glad to answer questions and offer suggestions.

  1. Think About How You’ll Display Your Portraits

Many families take the approach of having their photos taken first and then figuring out how to display them or where to hang them in their homes later. But I suggest having an idea of how you’ll use your portraits before the session. This allows me to design backgrounds and sets with color schemes and visual themes that will complement your decor. I can also structure portraits in a way that fits your display plan, for example, if you want a long horizontal portrait or a complementing grouping of portraits.

  1. Try to Be Consistent with the Same Photographer

Every family has plans and budgets for photography, but many parents enjoy having portraits from various milestones and stages of their baby’s first year, like newborn photos, a sitter session around 6-9 months, and first birthday photos. If you can and if you have found a baby photographer you’re happy with, it’s best to work with the same photographer for each of those photo sessions.

There are a few reasons for this. First, getting to know a photographer allows you to be familiar with how they work and feel more comfortable around them, which makes each session smoother and more enjoyable. Second, photography is an art form! Just like any other artist, every photographer has their own artistic style. When you have the same photographer for all of your baby photos, you’ll finish your little one’s first year with portraits that show a beautiful visual story of your baby, all with a matching style that makes them easy to display together.

Book Your Bucks County, PA Baby Photography Session

As your Doylestown, PA photographer, I’m happy to create a fun and positive experience for your next milestone baby photography session. Let’s start planning your dream photo shoot! Book your baby photography session today.

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