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Safety in Newborn Photography: What Parents Need to Know

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

There’s nothing more precious in your world than your newborn baby, and after all, that’s why you’re investing in newborn photography: to tell the story of this little one who holds your heart. Your baby’s safety is and will always be your top priority, but you might not realize that safety has an important place in a photography studio. To help you and your family get the beautiful portraits you want without putting your child at risk, here’s what you need to know about newborn photography safety.

Newborn Photography Isn’t Regulated

Unlike many other professionals who may handle your child (like nurses, pediatricians, and midwives), there are no legal requirements that a person needs to follow to offer newborn photography. Anyone can advertise and perform this service if they choose - there are no specific qualifications they legally must have like licenses or specific training. In other words, don’t assume that all advertising newborn photographers know how to perform their service safely and properly.

There are Special Techniques for Newborn Photography Safety

When you were preparing for your baby, you probably took classes or read books about newborn care and how to handle newborns safely. A newborn photographer needs to know all of that as well, and that’s only a starting point.

During a newborn photo session, the photographer will be posing your baby in various ways and on various backgrounds. There are special techniques they should use to ensure that your baby’s head is properly supported at all times and that your baby is safe from falling. Some of the poses you see on social media are actually the result of combining multiple images from different angles to keep the baby’s head supported, they aren’t simply taken with the baby posed the way they look in the final photo, and photographers need to know those techniques to keep your baby safe.

Safety Should Be a Consideration in Choosing a Newborn Photographer

Now that you know that a photographer doesn’t need newborn safety training to advertise newborn photography, what does that mean? It simply means you need to ask about safety when you hire your photographer. Ask them what training they have in newborn photography and what they’re doing to keep up with the latest recommendations and techniques for newborn safety.

You Can Speak Up if You Feel Uncomfortable

Ultimately, when you hire a newborn photographer, you should feel confident that they have your baby’s best interest at heart and that they have the safety expertise to protect your child. However, if at any time during your session you are concerned about how your baby is positioned, you’re welcome to speak up! Your photographer should want you to feel comfortable at all times, so they should welcome you asking questions or requesting a safer, more secure pose.

Booking a Safe Newborn Photography Session

As a Bucks County newborn photographer, I’m telling you the insights above not to scare you but to empower you to ask the right questions so you can feel at ease about your baby’s safety. I’m proud to always put my clients’ safety first and I believe this is what every family deserves. To learn more or to book a safe newborn photo session, contact Samantha Wilson Photography today.


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