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How to Pose for Pictures: Tips for Looking Your Best (Not Just Looking Skinny) in Family Photos

When I have clients who are anxious about upcoming family photos, one of the most common reasons is that they worry about how they’ll look or they’re trying to drop a few pounds before the photo shoot. You want to be able to treasure these portraits for a lifetime and you don’t want to feel self-conscious every time you look at them. 

king of prussia family photography

As much as I love photography, I also love that in the process of a photo shoot, I can help my clients feel gorgeous and confident. You deserve to see the beauty in your body, free from our society’s arbitrary and ever-changing definition of beauty. My hope is always that you’ll see how stunning you are with your family and will focus on the joy you see in those portraits.

During my portrait sessions, you don’t have to worry about finding an attractive pose or showing your best side because I’ll guide you throughout the shoot, both for posed portraits and more candid photos. Still, if you’d like to start learning some tips ahead of time, check out these ideas for looking your best in portraits - and by “your best,” I mean joyful, authentic, and immersed in this shared experience with your family.

Keep It Moving

One of the most common reasons people may look awkward in portraits is because they’re overly stiff, and this tends to happen when you’re trying to hold a specific pose. That’s why I rarely place your family in a set pose, and if I do, it’s brief. It’s better to keep moving and capture photos along the way so you look more relaxed and genuine. You also don’t have time to overthink every pose and where every arm and leg should be.

Practice Good Posture For Your Family Photos

Who among us didn’t have a parent or teacher who lectured us about posture when we were kids? Turns out that they were right. You might be amazed by how much more confident and attractive you look when you’re standing or sitting with better posture. You want your back to be tall, your shoulders back, and your neck elongated, but in a way that still looks natural.

Relax and Have Fun

One of the best ways to look your best in portraits is to relax, avoid overthinking your poses, and have a good time! I want you to love your photos, so you can rest assured that I’ll take advantage of techniques, angles, and poses that will highlight your natural beauty. Just follow my guidance and enjoy the experience with your family.

Booking Your New Family Photography Session

Every family should have beautiful portraits, and you don’t want to put it off until you’ve hit your goal weight or perfected your skincare routine. Your kids love you exactly as you are, and that deserves to be celebrated. Ready to get new family portraits that will restore your confidence? I’m here for you! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography and let’s schedule your session.

king of prussia family photography


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