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Outdoor Maternity Photography vs. Studio Maternity Photography: Which Should You Choose?

Your maternity photography session is a chance for you to celebrate the magic of your pregnancy and your beauty as you go through this spectacular and unique journey into motherhood. As you may already know, there are two options for maternity photos: an outdoor session or an in-studio session. Which one is best?

It’s all a matter of personal preference, but there are several advantages to consider for each one.

Benefits of Outdoor Maternity Photography

Outdoor maternity portraits are highly popular, especially in seasons like the fall or spring when the Bucks County landscape is utterly gorgeous and comfortable enough to enjoy your session. If you’re weighing an outdoor maternity session, consider these advantages.

Unique Natural Look

Simply put, outdoor maternity photography gives your portraits a look that can’t be recreated in the studio. This look is popular among moms-to-be, either because it calls attention to the natural beauty of pregnancy or because it’s just a gorgeous style they enjoy aesthetically.

Authentic Feel

In creating maternity portraits, I make sure you look natural and comfortable in any case, but there’s a unique authenticity that outdoor photos have. They look more candid as if you were simply basking in the joy of a local park and someone happened to snap your picture.

Benefits of Studio Maternity Photography

As popular as outdoor maternity photography is, there are distinct advantages to studio maternity photos too. Check out these benefits to consider whether this type of session might be the choice for you.

Weather-Proof Photos

As lovely as outdoor maternity photos are, they do put us at the mercy of Mother Nature. The level of sunlight, weather, and temperature could affect whether you’re comfortable taking outdoor photos, and in some cases, the weather could require us to reschedule your session altogether. Studio photography, on the other hand, is weather-proof so it gives us flexibility and comfort.

More Aesthetic Control

During a studio maternity session, I can control just about everything about your photos - the direction and level of lighting, the airflow, the background, and more. This allows me to better create the specific look you want.

For example, some clients love a more contemporary, artsy, high-fashion look, or a richly-colored and dramatic look. I can create these styles within my Doylestown studio.

The Best of Both Worlds

Love the advantages and looks of both studio maternity and outdoor maternity photos? You don’t have to compromise! I offer the option to do a joint session that takes place partially outdoors and partially in my studio, as my studio is only 10 minutes from my favorite outdoor shooting location.

Book Your Choice of Maternity Photo Session

Whether you’re leaning toward outdoor maternity photography or studio maternity photography (or both), I have the expertise to create the photo session of your dreams. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography, your premier Bucks County maternity photographer, and let’s talk about how to bring your vision to life.


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