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The Benefits of a Lifelong Family Photographer

As a family photographer, I love helping families in Bucks County and beyond create beautiful heirloom portraits that capture all the joy and personality in their homes. In fact, there’s only one thing I love even more: doing this for a family year after year and watching them grow! There are actually many benefits of what I call a lifelong family photographer: hiring the same photographer for all of your family photo sessions.

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Building Familiarity

Comfort is so important in any photography session, and it’s much easier to feel comfortable in a photo session when you already know the photographer. That’s true for both you and your kids. Sure, the camera itself can make anyone a bit nervous. If you have a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, though, your whole family is better able to open up and be yourselves in front of the camera. And that’s exactly what we want to capture - your family photos should represent not only how your family looks but who you are as well.

Understanding Each Other’s Aesthetic Styles

Photography is an art and like any other art form, it’s subjective. Everyone has their own tastes and every photographer has their own style. When you work with the same photographer repeatedly, it benefits us both. It allows me to learn what types of portraits and shots you like best so I can prioritize those photos in each session, and it allows you to learn my photography style so you know how your portraits will look.

Telling Your Story in a Continuous Style

Every family photo is beautiful and meaningful, but the real magic comes from having a chronicle of portraits that tell the story of your family’s life through the years. The more years pass, the more you’ll love having this series of portraits to look back on.

If each portrait is taken by a different photographer, though, each one will have a very different look and style. If you hire the same photographer for each photo session, on the other hand, they will all have a similar style and truly look like a continuous series rather than just a bunch of separate pieces. This is especially important if you want to display these portraits together on your wall.

Making Family Photo Sessions More Fun!

Let’s not underestimate the importance of an enjoyable family photo session! The families I photograph every year have become dear friends, so every time we meet up for another photo session it feels like an exciting chance to catch up. This can make photo sessions a fun experience your whole family looks forward to.

Choosing a Family Photographer You Can Grow With

Your family photographer is a person who will create some of your most treasured family heirlooms and tell your family’s story. When you find a photographer you love, the experience and the portraits just get better every year. If you’d like to learn more and see if my Doylestown, PA photo studio could be the perfect fit for your family, contact Samantha Wilson Photography.


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