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Tips for Winter Family Photos

Winter has arrived! It’s a great time for hot chocolate, cozy movie nights under a blanket with the kids, and…family photos! Winter in the Bucks County area can be gorgeous, and as long as my clients are up for it, I love capturing beautiful wintery family portraits outdoors. How do you make sure your session goes as well as possible? Follow these handy tricks and tips.

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  1. Think Through the Background Scenarios

Winter photos can look so different based on where we take your portraits and what the weather is up to. For example, your backdrop might be richly green if there are a lot of evergreen trees at your photo location, or it could be a more earthy brown if the trees in that area have shed their leaves for the winter. You could also have a lot of white in your backdrop if there’s fresh snow on the ground.

When you book your session, we’ll talk through the type of look you want for your photo shoot site and I’ll be able to recommend a location that has the look you want. We’ll also talk through how to plan your family’s outfits to look great whether or not there’s snow on the ground, because we won’t know about snow until close to your session date.

  1. Bring Hand Warmers

This isn’t a must but it’s a helpful trick for keeping your family warm. You can pick up disposable hand warmers at many convenience stores and just pass them around between shots. The kids can use them while I’m taking some photos of the parents and vice versa.

  1. Plan for Plenty of Layers (Including Extras)

Layers are a go-to for winter photo shoots! Not only do they make your outfit look great but they can make it easier for you to adapt to the temperature. After all, you don’t just want to dress for the temperature you see on your weather app when you wake up. Your photo location might be a bit colder or warmer than your home is or the wind might change at the last minute. Plan your family’s outfits with versatile layers and bring extra layers or cold-weather gear just in case.

  1. Consider Bringing Outfits to Wear Home

If there’s snow on the ground, this can make for some phenomenal candid portraits of your family’s winter fun! I might suggest photos of your family playing in the snow like building a snowman or packing snowballs. Your family’s outfits could get wet from the snow in the process, so for little kids or if you have a bit of a drive home, you may want to bring items for them to change into.

  1. Prepare to Be Efficient

With some types of photo shoots, we can take our time. During a winter family photo session, though, we want to get those fantastic portraits sooner rather than later. Kids tend to have less patience for photos when they’re cold, and we don’t want to be outside so long that anyone gets frostbite or that your family looks overly rosy-cheeked in your photos. Be ready to get started when you arrive and to keep the session moving along.

Booking Your Winter Family Photos

There’s nothing like the beauty of family portraits in a winter landscape! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your session this winter.


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