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Winter Maternity Photos: What Are My Options?

Maternity photography is a beautiful and treasured tradition that every mom-to-be deserves to enjoy. If you’ve been browsing maternity photos to get ideas for your photo shoot, you might notice that many of them are outside. The natural background of the outdoors is a wonderful way to highlight the natural beauty of pregnancy, but of course, outdoor portraits look very different depending on when you take them.

If it will be winter when you have reached that ideal stage of pregnancy for your maternity photos, can you still take them outdoors? What are your options for winter maternity portraits?

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Can You Take Outdoor Maternity Photos in the Winter?

The short answer here is yes! We have so many gorgeous winter days here in Bucks County, and as long as my clients are willing, I’m happy to take outdoor maternity photos in the winter. Keep in mind that this might vary based on the photographer you choose. Winter outdoor photo shoots do take a bit more planning and strategizing, but the stunning results are worth the effort.

Tips for Winter Outdoor Maternity Photos

If you do plan on outdoor maternity photos in the winter, there are a few tips and tricks to make it a more comfortable, enjoyable experience and to make sure your portraits are everything you hope for.

Layer Up!

Layers are a fantastic way to stay warm during a winter photo shoot while looking spectacular. Pick out winter-friendly layers that also complement the look you want for your portraits. For example, a fur or faux fur wrap will keep your shoulders toasty while giving you a luxurious look. There are also blanket scarves and wraps that suit just about any style and complement many maternity gown colors.

Sneak on Some Leggings

Long, flowy maternity gowns look amazing on camera, but they can be a bit chilly in cold weather. Here’s a pro tip: wear a pair of maternity leggings underneath. They’ll keep your legs warm and no one will be able to tell in your finished portraits.

Be Smart About Footwear

Your choice of shoes is important for any maternity session (hello, swollen feet) but especially for winter outdoor maternity sessions. Depending on the location, we might have a slight walk from our vehicles, and you’ll be standing in the winter weather for most of your photo shoot. Make sure your footwear is comfortable and easy to walk in without slipping. Fortunately, maternity gowns are typically long enough that your feet won’t show anyway.

Prefer to Stay Inside? Consider Indoor Maternity Photos

Outdoor maternity photos are an option in the winter, but they aren’t the only option. Indoor maternity photos are always available at my Doylestown, PA photography studio. With an indoor photo shoot, I can customize every aspect of your portraits, creating looks that are sweet and whimsical, chic and sexy, dramatic and breathtaking, or nearly anything else you envision for your maternity photos.

Planning Your Winter Maternity Photos

Whether you’re interested in indoor or outdoor maternity photos, I’m excited to celebrate this amazing time with you and create portraits you’ll cherish forever. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography and let’s start planning!

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