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4 Facts You Didn’t Know About Newborn Photography

Most parents only have a newborn photography session once or twice in their lives, if at all. It’s not something you encounter every day (unless you’re a newborn photographer as I am, of course), so understandably, parents typically don’t know much about the process in advance. That’s where I come in! Along with taking newborn portraits families will cherish for a lifetime, I love informing others about newborn photography and what to expect. In that pursuit these four facts are important but lesser-known details about newborn photography you’ll be glad to know.

  • Not Every Photographer Can Take Newborn Photos

Every type of photography is a skill of its own. Capturing the most meaningful moments of a wedding is very different from taking professional headshots, for example. Newborn photography is a particularly specialized type of photography because there are certain techniques we use to safely pose and photograph these tiny babies. In fact, some poses you see in newborn photos are the result of photo magic and combining multiple images or angles together.

For that reason, when you book newborn photography, it’s critical to book a true newborn photographer - no matter how much you loved a photographer you’ve worked with for a different type of photo shoot.

  • There’s an Ideal Timeframe for Newborn Photography

Many parents are surprised by how soon after birth a newborn photo session typically takes place - it’s best to take these portraits in your baby’s first 2-4 weeks of life. Contrary to some myths you may hear, photo sessions after that time still “count” as newborn photos. In those first few weeks, though, we can forever preserve how tiny and precious your baby was at birth, and they sleep a lot during these weeks too, which is helpful for newborn photos.

  • Newborn Photo Sessions Take Time

If you’ve experienced a photo session with kids, you might know that we try to keep child photography sessions short because kids will only pay attention and play along for a short time. It’s the opposite with newborns. In newborn photography, we take our time and allow for plenty of breaks for feeding, soothing, and so on. Expect a full newborn photo session to last about three hours (although I also have a shorter “petite photo session” option that lasts about 90 minutes).

  • You Don’t Need Baby Outfits for Newborn Photography

For many types of photo sessions, the hardest part for clients is figuring out what to wear, especially if the whole family is involved. That’s not a concern for newborn photography. I’ve cultivated a beautiful collection of premium wraps, props, accessories, and other essentials for newborn photos. All you need to bring is yourself and your baby, and anything you need to keep you both comfortable like bottles, a pacifier, and diapers.

The Unique Beauty of Newborn Photography

Newborn photography truly is a milestone experience that’s unlike anything else, and I want to make it as magical and memorable for you as it can be. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to book your Bucks County newborn photos today.

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