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4 Signs You’re Due for New Milestone Photos of Your Child

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Milestone photography is a beautiful way to celebrate and preserve special memories of your kids’ childhoods as they grow up. But how often should you get milestone photos of your children? Here are a few signs that it might be time for a new milestone photo shoot.

Your Child Has Moved On to a New Developmental Stage

Kids change so much so quickly that it feels like your child is different from one day to the next! While it’s impossible to keep up with every change your child goes through as the months and years pass, it’s a good idea to get new milestone photos at least every time they transition to a new developmental stage. For example, you’ll have portraits from their baby stage, toddler, early elementary, and so on.

Your Child’s Most Recent Photos Don’t Reflect Their Personality Today

One of the most fun and rewarding parts of parenthood is watching your child’s personality evolve as they grow up. It’s so special to have milestone photos that capture their evolving personality too, so if your latest portraits don’t reflect who your child is today, it might be time for an update. For example, maybe your child’s last milestone photos showed off their adorable ornery side when they were a toddler. Now that they’re 4 or 5, though, they’re more thoughtful and inquisitive, and you want to highlight this in some fresh milestone portraits.

You Don’t Have Current Professional Photos Besides School Photos

Yearly school photos can be a great way to have a uniform series of photos of how your kids are growing from one year to the next, but they’re all about simplicity and efficiency. They don’t capture your child’s personality or what makes them special - they don’t show your child the way you know them. If these are the only up-to-date professional photos you have of your children, it could be time for a milestone photo shoot. These portraits are more organic and authentic, true to your little one’s personality at this time in their life.

You Don’t Have Current Photos That Complement Your Home’s Aesthetic

Milestone photos are treasures for your family to cherish, but they’re also custom artwork that can decorate your home in a way that’s both stylish and sentimental. If you don’t currently have milestone photos that suit your home’s decor, treat yourself to a new milestone photo shoot. Whether your home decor has changed since your last milestone photos or your latest portraits aren’t the type of artwork you want to display, a new milestone photo session can be designed around your decor style.

Booking Your New Milestone Photography Session

If it’s time for a new milestone photo shoot, I’m here to help! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography, your Doylestown, PA portrait studio, to book your session.

New Hope PA milestone portrait session, baby photographer Doylestown PA, baby and family portraits Lansdale PA


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