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How to Personalize Your Child’s Milestone Photos

From the moment you announced you were expecting your first baby, you’ve probably been told countless times how quickly your kids’ childhoods will speed by. It’s a cliche, but it’s true! That’s why I love milestone photo sessions for my clients - it’s a chance to preserve a piece of each stage of their child’s life. Every milestone portrait is special, but there are a few ways you can give your photos an added personal touch too.

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Incorporate Your Child’s Interests

It’s such a joy to watch your child discovering the interests and activities that make them happy! Like everything else in your child’s early years, those interests can change in a heartbeat. Incorporating them into a milestone photo session gives you an everlasting reminder of who your child was and what they enjoyed at this time in their life, whether those interests become a distant memory or the foundation for a lifelong hobby. You could include items from their favorite sports, books if they love reading, art supplies if they enjoy arts and crafts, and so on.

Add Your Child’s Favorite Color

Some kids choose a favorite color and it becomes their core aesthetic, and you’ll always smile at the memories of these days when your child wanted everything around them to be yellow or green or red. Consider including a reminder of this in your child’s milestone photos. Their favorite color doesn’t have to be a dominant color in the photo session, as it might not complement the decor in your home where you want to hang your portraits. But a subtle hidden reminder like a bracelet or prop in your child’s favorite color will make the photos even more fun to look back on.

Include a Nod to Your Child’s Age

Milestone photos are meant to highlight a certain time in your child’s life, whether it’s a particular developmental milestone, a specific age, or a cultural milestone like a religious rite. A fun way to mark the occasion in your child’s photos is to include some indicator of their age. For example, you could add a balloon that shows your child’s age or a sign or prop with their age on it. You could get more creative too with a small hidden clue, like your three-year-old sitting with three cupcakes. Any of these are fun ways to emphasize this stage in your child’s life (and practical ways to make sure you always remember which photos were taken when).

Incorporate Your Child’s Name

Another fun way to personalize your child’s milestone photos is to include their name on a prop in the photo session. For example, they could be holding a custom sign with their name on it or you could spell their name in wooden letters. This is a fantastic way to make named decor for your child’s bedroom!

Making Your Milestone Photos Special

As a Bucks County photographer, I make an effort to make every client’s photo session unique and personalized so their portraits will be not only beautiful but meaningful too. To learn more about my milestone photography or book your session, contact Samantha Wilson Photography today.

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