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5 Common Myths About Newborn Photography

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Newborn photography is a long-beloved tradition for families, but there are many myths and misconceptions that can add stress to some expectant parents or lead some new parents to skip newborn photos entirely. To put your mind at ease, I’m addressing the top myths about newborn photography from my expertise as a professional newborn photographer.

Myth: Newborn Photos Must be Taken in the First 14 Days

The first days of your baby’s life are bound to be challenging - you’re recovering from childbirth while also nurturing this baby who is entirely dependent on you. The idea of squeezing in a photo shoot during that time sounds like too much for some families. Despite the myths, there’s no specific cut-off time for newborn photos. The first 2-4 weeks is ideal but it isn’t a must.

Myth: The Newborn Photography Experience is Stressful and Time-Consuming

Believe it or not, a newborn photo session is typically a relaxing and enjoyable experience for parents. Your baby will likely sleep for most of the session and I’ll work my magic as the photographer while you simply relax with your favorite show, catch up on emails, scroll social media, or whatever you like. I will call on you a few times to feed or soothe your baby, but most of the session will be free time for you.

Myth: Newborn Photography Poses are Uncomfortable for Babies

Your baby shouldn’t be uncomfortable at any point during their session - in fact, newborn photographers should have specialized training in posing newborns comfortably and safely. You can rest assured that I take special care to keep your baby comfortable and safe throughout the session.

Myth: Newborn Photography Can Hurt a Baby’s Eyes

The medical community debated for a long time about the effect of flash photography on newborns’ eyes, and after extensive studies, there’s no evidence of harm from flash photography. On top of this, newborn photography uses soft, diffused lighting so it’s not as alarming as a bright flash in a dark room.

Myth: You Can Take Your Own Newborn Photos

It’s understandable to wonder if you can save money by taking your own baby’s newborn photos. Unfortunately, though, this is something parents often regret.

For one, few parents have the equipment and expertise to take truly high-quality photos that look professional. Second, newborn photography is challenging, so you’ll be adding a stressful and physically taxing job to your plate while you’re sleep-deprived and likely still recovering from childbirth. Third, there are special strategies for keeping babies safe during newborn photography and this isn’t training most parents have. Finally, portraits that feature both you and your baby are a treasure, and you’ll miss out on these if you’re behind the camera.

Booking Your Newborn Photos

If you’re in the Bucks County area and are welcoming a new baby to your family, I’d love to help you capture these precious moments! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography today to book your newborn photography session.


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