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Can You Take Your Own Newborn Photos at Home?

As every parent can vouch for, newborn babies are expensive! There are so many items you need to buy to prepare your home for a new baby, especially if this is your first child, not to mention medical bills as well as diapers and other disposables. So I completely understand why some parents consider DIY newborn photography as a way to save money. Unfortunately, it’s not the money-saving hack you might expect it to be, and I’m happy to weigh in as a newborn photographer.

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Why Not to Try DIY Newborn Photography

On the surface, it might seem like you can take DIY newborn photos fairly easily. You just take photos of your baby curled up on a blanket, right? Not exactly. There’s much more to newborn photography than meets the eye, so there are several reasons I don’t recommend trying DIY newborn photography.

Safety Concerns

Safety is my top priority in every newborn photography session, and that’s why I have intentionally educated myself about safety measures in newborn photography. Not all poses you may see on Pinterest are taken in the way they appear because some of these poses wouldn’t properly support the baby’s head. They’re often the result of photo composites and other camera tricks - safe techniques that a parent or DIY photographer won’t know about. A professional newborn photographer with safety training knows how to get the poses you love while keeping your baby safe at all times.

Receiving Quality Finished Portraits

While phone cameras have come a long way, they simply cannot measure up to professional photography. A newborn photographer doesn’t only have a premium camera but also has knowledge and skills when it comes to posing, framing, lighting, customized camera settings, and more. Newborn photos are abundantly special and you deserve true high-quality portraits from a professional.

A Stressful vs. Enjoyable Experience

Newborn photography isn’t just a way to get beautiful photos. It’s a milestone experience, and you should be able to relax, be in the moment, and enjoy the experience with your child. You can do precisely that with a professional newborn photo session, but if you’re taking the photos yourself, it becomes a stressful and difficult experience, not one you can cherish in your memories.

Missing Out on the Opportunity for Professional Newborn Photos

The newborn stage is so brief, not just in your perception as a parent but in reality. You only have about a month after your baby’s birth to capture newborn photos before your baby grows out of the features they had at their tiniest. If you try to take your own newborn photos and you aren’t happy with how they turn out, you probably won’t be able to get a photo session with a photographer until your baby has lost some of their newness. It’s heartbreaking to see parents who tried this and, as a result, lost the chance to have professional newborn portraits.

Hiring a Newborn Photographer vs. DIY Newborn Photography

As a parent, I know how important budgeting is for your family, and I respect the desire to save money where you can. But I can also tell you from experience that professional newborn photos are worth the investment. To book your session, contact Samantha Wilson Photography in Doylestown, PA.


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