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Newborn Photos with Parents: Your Handy Guide

When you’re dreaming of your baby’s newborn portraits, you’re probably imagining adorable images of your little one swaddled cozily or surrounded by lovely flowers. But newborn photos aren’t just about creating pretty photos of your cute baby, they’re a way to honor this amazing time in your family’s life. So should you, as a parent, be in your baby’s newborn photos too? Here’s everything you need to know.

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As a Parent, Should You Be in Your Baby’s Newborn Photos?

This is the big question, and ultimately it comes down to personal preference. As a newborn photographer, though, I think portraits of you with your little one are incredibly meaningful! Truthfully, you’ll have so few pictures of you with your baby in those first weeks because for most of your baby’s photos, you’re the one behind the camera. Most of the few photos you do have together will be quick snapshots taken by family and friends. In fact, your newborn photo shoot may be the only time in your baby’s first months that you have an opportunity to have family photos taken professionally and can be prepared for the photos beforehand.

I encourage parents to take advantage of that opportunity and include a few portraits of themselves with either baby in the newborn session. You may not know how special these portraits will feel until you see them, so I encourage you to go for it!

Bucks county newborn photography packages, newborn photography Bucks County, family photography Bucks County PA

Tips for Parents in Newborn Photos

If you do decide to include portraits of your little one with you in your newborn photo session, I’ll be sure that the experience is a wonderful one. These simple tips can help:

Arrive Camera-Ready

For a newborn photo session with parents or siblings included, I always take these family portraits in the first part of the session. That way, you can relax for the rest of the photo shoot while I take your baby’s solo portraits, and if you have other children you’re including in the portraits, they can be picked up by a sitter or grandparent. So when you come to your newborn session, be ready for photos! With that said, if you do need a few minutes after you arrive to freshen up your makeup or hair, you’re certainly welcome to take that time.

Bring Back-Up Outfits

Many parents love the look of portraits when they’re wearing neutrals and cradling their nude newborn. As beautiful and natural as this looks, it does mean that “messes” can happen. Be sure to bring a backup outfit for yourself and your partner (and, if applicable, any older children who will be in the portraits).

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Let’s get real for a moment: especially for moms, it’s not always easy to feel confident during your postpartum stage. I get it! But your body has created something incredible and trust me, your joy alone makes you gorgeous! It’s that beauty and joy that we’re capturing in your newborn photos, so don’t worry about little details like a blemish here or there - you’re stunning as you are!

Planning Your Newborn Photo Shoot

Whether you prefer solo newborn portraits or you want some portraits with your little one, I’ll design a fabulous newborn photo session to create portraits you’ll always treasure. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography and let’s chat!

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