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Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh 48 Photography

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Your baby’s birth and their first days will be a part of your family’s story forever. As much as you expect to relish and remember every moment of this experience, you’ll miss more details than you think because the exhaustion is on a new level. That’s why a Fresh 48 photo session is so special: I can preserve the first hours of your baby’s life so you can always have photos to prompt your memories…and not just quick pictures someone snapped on their phone.

Curious about Fresh 48 photography? Check out these common questions and answers.

Should I Do My Hair and Makeup for Fresh 48 Photos?

This is entirely up to you! Many moms choose to put on some light makeup and put up their hair, but plenty of moms also prefer to keep their look fully natural. Regardless, rest assured that I’ll use strategic lighting and angles to make sure I capture your beauty during this time in the best way.

Can You Still Have Fresh 48 Photography After a C-Section?

You can absolutely still have Fresh 48 photography after a c-section! I recognize that every birth is unique and comes with its own limitations in those first few days. I can get plenty of stunning portraits without you ever needing to leave your bed.

Does a Fresh 48 Photo Session Take the Place of Newborn Photography?

Fresh 48 and newborn photography both showcase your baby at their tiniest, but these are very different photo sessions with different intentions and outcomes. A Fresh 48 session is brief and focuses on capturing the experience of your baby’s birth in the hospital, delivery center, or wherever your delivery is. A newborn session, on the other hand, gives me the time to design and create more styled, posed portraits.

Ultimately, it’s a question of your preference and of the type or types of photos you want for your baby. Every family is welcome to choose a Fresh 48 session, a newborn session, or both, but it’s important to understand that these two sessions do differ.

Can You Take Fresh 48 Photos if My Baby is in the NICU?

Just as the birth experience can bring limitations for what moms can do for their Fresh 48 photos, it brings limitations for babies too. If your baby needs to be in the NICU or has other medical needs, we’ll just take it on a case-by-case basis. Some hospitals do allow photo sessions in the NICU, but it depends on the hospital’s policies along with factors like the treatment your baby is receiving.

Regardless, don’t worry! I’ll be in touch with you and we’ll figure out the options together.

Booking Your Fresh 48 Photo Session

If you have a baby on the way and you want to make sure you get professional photos of those precious first hours after birth, I’m here to help! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to learn more or to reserve your session.


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