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How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Newborn Photos

Updated: 15 hours ago

You will always treasure your newborn portraits because they’ll bring back memories of your first days with your beautiful child. But you want to love the way they look too, and that’s why the design for your newborn photo session matters. As a hands-on Bucks County newborn photographer, I’ll work with you to plan your session and one of the factors I’ll ask for your opinion and ideas on is the color scheme. If you’re not sure where to start, these tips can help.

  1. How do you want to display your baby’s newborn portraits in your home? Do you plan to frame them and hang them in the nursery, for example, or maybe in your living room? Based on this, choose a color scheme that complements the decor in that room. Your baby’s portraits are custom works of art and they should bring just as much beauty to your space as any other artwork.

  2. For newborn photos, I typically advise choosing lighter, softer colors because they fit the quaint imagery of your sweet little baby. While it’s usually best to avoid bold colors, this isn’t a hard and fast rule! There are plenty of reasons when a bolder color might be appropriate, like when there’s a bold color that will look wonderful with your decor or if we’re incorporating colors that are meaningful to your culture.

  3. If you’re having a hard time getting color ideas, sometimes you’ll just know it when you see it. That’s why I recommend you take some time to look through my newborn photography portfolio. See which colors you like best and which ones seem perfect for your decor.

  4. Neutrals are always excellent choices in newborn photography! Babies look so precious in colors like ivory, cream, and tan. These colors also tend to be versatile enough that they’ll blend well with the decor in most rooms of your home, so they’re great for families who aren’t sure yet where they’ll display their portraits.

  5. As wonderful as it is to have a color scheme picked out for your newborn photos, make sure you’re open to some flexibility too because we want to be able to use colors that complement your baby’s skin tone. Newborns’ skin tones are so unpredictable and they can change a lot in those first weeks of life - they might start with more pinkness to them that fades, or their undertones might shift.

Let’s Choose Your Newborn Photo Color Scheme Together

If you’re still not sure what colors will be best for your newborn portraits, that’s okay - I’m here to help! As your newborn photographer, I’ll work with you hand in hand to plan these details. If you have a baby on the way, let’s start dreaming up their portraits together! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography to learn more or book your session.


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