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How to Get Your Baby to Sleep for Newborn Photos

It’s no secret that a sleeping baby is ideal for newborn photos. Those sleepy little eyes are so precious in timeless portraits, and on the practical side, a sleeping baby is much easier to pose and arrange. But just like adults, not all babies drift off to sleep easily. So how do you get them to fall asleep when you want them to so you can get all those precious sleeping newborn photos you love?

As an experienced Bucks County newborn photographer, I have plenty of practice coaxing newborns to sleep. There are steps I take within my studio, like setting the temperature a bit warmer, swaddling your baby, and using white noise. But is there anything you can do as a parent to help your baby sleep?

Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep for Newborn Photos

When parents come to my studio for newborn photography, there are only a few things I ask from them to help their baby sleep:

  1. Bring a pacifier, even if your baby often doesn’t use one

  2. Be open to feeding your baby as needed during the session rather than adhering to a specific schedule

That’s it! With those tips and my own strategies, I can get nearly any baby to sleep soundly for their portraits. If you would like to, there are some other tips you can try as well, such as:

  • Keeping your baby awake for the car ride to the session so they’re tired when it’s time for their photos

  • Feeding your baby soon before you leave the house, because a full belly may lull them to sleep

  • Dress your baby in a zip-up sleeper so it is a little easier to undress them.

  • Bring any items from home that seem to help your baby sleep

In all honesty, though, while some photographers swear by these tricks, I have found that they tend to make little difference. Please don’t feel pressured to use them.

What If My Baby Doesn’t Fall Asleep?

As a parent, you know your baby, and I have years of experience lulling newborns to sleep for photography. Between the two of us, it’s very unlikely we won’t be able to get your baby to sleep. I have plenty of tricks to try!

Ultimately, I want you to do what is best for you and your baby. I welcome all types of feeding in my studio, and my focus is on not only creating stunning newborn photos but also creating an environment where you feel comfortable and safe.

Rest assured, though, that regardless, we’ll create beautiful newborn photos you can treasure forever. More than likely, your baby will sleep restfully and we can get plenty of sleepy portraits. If your baby doesn’t fall asleep or only sleeps for a short time, I’ll still create an array of beautiful and meaningful newborn photos you’ll love.

Ready to start planning your baby’s newborn photo session? I’m here to help! Contact Samantha Wilson Photography today.

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