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How to Prepare Your Child for a Photography Session

Every parent loves having beautiful professional portraits of their kids. Children, on the other hand, aren’t always big fans of photo sessions. What steps can you take to prepare your child for their next milestone photo session to make sure they’re not only looking their best but are also full of smiles for the camera? I have a few tips for parents to follow.

  • Get Excited (It’s Contagious)

Kids take emotional cues from their parents. When you tell your child about the upcoming photo session, make sure to frame it as something that will be fun and exciting so your child gets excited about it too. Talk to them about what will happen during the photo shoot and what they can expect. After this chat, be mindful of the way you talk about the photo session around your child. If you treat it like a chore, your child will see it that way too, so they’ll show up expecting the worst.

  • Choose an Outfit…and a Plan B Outfit

Wardrobe planning is the hardest part of planning a photo session for many parents, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. I have a straightforward styling guide to help. Just remember to have a backup outfit too in case something goes wrong or your child gets messy in their primary outfit. Don’t forget to consider your child’s comfort. If they’re wearing something they’re uncomfortable in, they’ll be more irritable (as any of us would be) and won’t show off that beautiful smile of theirs.

  • Harness the Joy of Food

Who among us isn't a happier camper when we’ve just enjoyed something tasty? The same goes for kids, so put your child into a good mood by giving them a meal or snack they’ll enjoy before their photo session. Just make sure the food isn’t so heavy that it will make them sleepy. It’s a good idea as well to bring non-messy snacks and drinks to the photo session in case your child gets hungry.

  • Don’t Forget a Haircut

Life is busy and routine trims probably aren’t your top priority. If you have a photo session coming up, this is a perfect time to refresh your child’s haircut. Scheduling their cut for about a week before the session gives the haircut time to settle in while still leaving them looking fresh.

  • Give Your Child Something to Look Forward To

Call it a bribe if you’d like, but if you give your child something to look forward to after their photo session, they’ll be in a better mood. You could tell them you’ll take them out for lunch at their favorite restaurant, watch their favorite movie, get ice cream, take them to a playdate with a friend, or whatever it is that motivates them. Plans like this can put a smile on their face and contribute to fantastic portraits.

Planning Your Child’s Next Portraits

Due to beautiful new portraits of this special stage in your child’s life? I’m here to help with not only the photography but the planning too. Contact Samantha Wilson Photography and let’s get started.


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